Why Storytelling is the BEST Marketing

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Business and organizational leaders know that a concise and impactful message is very important. While it’s crucial to have a strong visual brand, content is king. If your brand and messages do not include clear and compelling content, your message will be lost. Distinctive content is imperative when selling a product or promoting a service. Strong and meaningful content builds brand and customer loyalty. And that’s why effective storytelling is the best form of marketing.

Reason #1 – Stories are powerful and they’re all around us.

Stories may inspire, teach, motivate, surprise, challenge or persuade us. Stories have been an essential driver of change throughout human history. And now more than ever, businesses, organizations, workers and leaders have opportunities to stand out, spread messages, and affect positive change through storytelling. Great stories make us feel, think and act. They help us to remember important ideas and concepts in a way that numbers, statistics and boring text on a slide will not. Strong brands are built on telling and remembering stories. Research now indicates that nearly 80% of Chief Marketing Officers think that branded content and storytelling are the future of marketing and the key to positive and profitable results.

Reason #2 – Stories connect us.

Great stories connect and engage us. And it’s those connections that often lead to new or stronger relationships with your employees, customers, shareholders and communities. Whether you’re selling products, providing services or are a non-profit organization improving the lives of others, you have important stories to share. A professional writing and marketing communications company will help you to develop and share your most important messages and best stories and do so in a way that attracts new customers, strengthens relationships and yields results.

Reason #3 –Storytelling leads to positive and profitable results.

When storytelling is meaningful, businesses and organizations engage with their customers and audiences on a deeper level and build stronger relationships. And as a result, customers respond positively. When customers and constituents are engaged and connected, businesses and organizations succeed with more referrals and increased sales, profits, customers and brand loyalty. Jennifer Greevy, president of Write Results, LLC, a professional storyteller with nearly 25 years of marketing and communications experience explains that: “Businesses and organizations succeed when their brands are distinctive, their content is compelling, and their stories are engaging. By delivering impactful brand content, we help improve an organization’s top and bottom line and employee morale, while building customer and brand loyalty.”