Three Lies Cemeteries Tell About Funeral Planning


March 1, 2018

Things to Know When Planning a Funeral

When someone you love is terminally ill or has passed away, there are several good resources available to help guide you through the funeral, burial, and memorial headstone planning process. Whether your loved one has a pre-arranged funeral plan, or you are faced with making these decisions on your own, one of your first interactions will likely be with a representative from the cemetery where your beloved one will be buried. It’s important to know that there are many funeral planning options available, and to be aware of some common mistruths:

Lie #3 – Purchasing Your Headstone from The Cemetery Is Your Best and Only Option.

While cemetery sales reps and funeral directors are essential to aiding funeral and burial arrangements, it’s important to know that there are also outside headstone monument companies who may offer higher quality products, at a better price. While cemeteries usually offer a headstone as part of an overall burial package, it doesn’t always mean you are getting the best value. A simple online search for monument companies in your area will help you decide which option is best for you.

For a fraction of the cost, you can often find a monument company that offers higher quality stone, better engraving and design options, delivery, and installation. Furthermore, don’t be lead to believe that these outside headstone monument companies don’t have authorization to access your loved one’s burial plot. Consumers have the right to select any vendor they choose to perform memorial installation, including laying the footer and setting the stone. Reputable outside monument companies will also work directly with cemetery personnel to assure that all memorial requirements are met, such as style, size, and/or the inclusion of religious symbols.

Cemeteries inflate headstone prices
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Lie #2 – Your Monument May Not Be Covered Under Warranty If Purchased Elsewhere.

When making an investment as important as one that will memorialize your loved one for years to come, it’s vital to know that your purchase will be protected. Cemetery staff often try to advise that a headstone purchased from an outside memorial company will not be covered by a warranty; this is simply untrue.  A reputable headstone memorial company will guarantee your investment against any defects in material or workmanship. Whether a headstone is purchased directly from the cemetery or from an outside monument company, occurrences involving vandalism or acts of God can be covered through the purchaser’s homeowner’s insurance policy.

Lie #1 – “Bundling” Is the Only Way to Save Money.

It can be difficult to prioritize the task of weighing all options during such an emotional time. Many times, when cemetery sales people talk to families about funeral planning, they will talk about "bundling." Cemetery personnel will often explain that bundling products, such as headstones with other services like burial plots, will save you the most money.

John Dioguardi, a Rome Monument headstone expert with 30 years of experience, explains that, “Cemeteries may pressure a family by telling them that they can receive a substantial discount if they buy everything from the cemetery; but, this is not always the best option when it comes to the monument. Any time there is a middleman involved (such as the cemetery), the consumer is going to pay an inflated price, even when they think they’re getting a discount.”

Knowing that you have the option to look for a reputable outside headstone company that manufactures, designs, delivers, and installs memorial stones from start to finish, can save you as much as 50%.

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