9 Reasons Advertising Doesn’t Work

February 13, 2018

There are specific reasons why advertising will fail. If you strategically avoid these traps, you will reap the rewards of a successful advertising campaign. Knowing why advertising fails is easy, but knowing how to overcome these traps is difficult.  Knowing the nine (9) reasons why advertising doesn't work and using it as a guideline to cross-check your advertising efforts is a perfect first step to becoming a better advertiser and accomplishing your goals.

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Reason #1: Your Creative Is a Loaf of Bread

Reason #2:  You Are Not Your Customer

Reason #3: You Have Unrealistic Expectations

Reason #4: You Can’t Tame the Rain

Reason #5:  Your Product or Service Sucks

Reason #6: Your Budget Is Off

Reason #7: You Treated Your Advertising Like a Light Switch Instead of a Locomotive

Reason #8: You're Trying to Force a Short Cut

Reason #9: Buying the Best Medium Instead of the Medium That’s Best for You.