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Three Lies Cemeteries Tell About Funeral Planning

Whether your loved one has a pre-arranged funeral plan, or you are faced with making these decisions on your own, one of your first interactions will likely be with a representative from the cemetery, where your beloved one will be buried. It’s important to know that there are many funeral planning options available, and to be aware of some common mistruths.

5 Life Saving Questions to Ask When Helping a Drug-Addicted Loved One

There are few things more heart-breaking than watching someone you love or care about struggle with a drug or alcohol addiction. Stepping up to help your family member, loved one, friend, neighbor or co-worker find addiction treatment is not only helpful, but it could be lifesaving. Here are five live-saving questions to ask when helping a drug-addicted loved one

Why Storytelling is the BEST Marketing

Business and organizational leaders know that a concise and impactful message is very important. While it’s crucial to have a strong visual brand, content is king. If your brand and messages do not include clear and compelling content, your message will be lost.

9 Reasons Advertising Doesn't Work

Knowing why advertising fails is easy, but knowing how to overcome common traps is difficult. Cross-checking your advertising efforts is a perfect first step to becoming a better advertiser and accomplishing your goals.